Making the Right Adjustments this NFL Season as a Private Bookie

The new season in the NFL is three weeks old and with underdogs outpacing favorites against the spread with a winning percentage of close to 60 percent, you should be quite a bit ahead of the game right now. If you are off to a great start, then you need to make adjustments to keep things moving in the right direction. If you are down in these extremely favorable conditions, then it is time to make some major adjustments to keep from losing your shirt.

The first thing that you have to always remember is that any betting trend can shift almost overnight so you never want to assume anything heading into a particular week of NFL games. That being said, you still need to look at the matchups in relation to the opening betting lines to see what kind of adjustments the oddsmakers have already made. This will help you distinguish between which favorites can still live up to their preseason expectations and which ones are in real trouble just three weeks into the year. On the other side of this coin, you need to closely examine the underdogs to find which ones have overachieved so far as opposed to which ones have been grossly underestimated as to their true potential.

Past performance can sometimes be a strong indicator of future results and sometimes it is just an illusion that will not carry over from one season to the next. Your livelihood as a private bookie hinges on your betting lines being as sharp as possible, but it also hinges on your ability to move those lines in the right direction based on what you already know from your overall betting cliental.

This is where detailed analytics and the proper business reports can provide valuable information as to which adjustments need to be made. You need to know certain key variables such as what percent of your customers routinely bet on favorites? What is the breakdown in actual dollars bet on favorites as opposed to underdogs? Where is the bulk of the action going on the total line each week?

When you can deduce accurate numbers to properly answer questions of this nature, you will put yourself in an excellent position to make the right adjustments to fully capitalize on these early betting trends. A successful private bookie already knows which way the bulk of their customers are going to bet the games and they move their betting lines accordingly to help minimize any unwanted negative exposure. If you stick around long enough in the sports betting industry, you will come to realize that nothing will shock you and anything is possible on a week to week basis, but having the right information up front to make an informed business decision is the best way to avoid unwanted situations that can have a major impact on cash flow and bottom-line profits.

One of the best things about putting these business practices in place during the added betting volume of football season is that they can serve you well all year long for all the other sports betting action you take in. Betting trends and betting patterns exist for every major sport and the more you know and understand how each one interacts with the other, the better the chance you have to be highly successful as an independent sports bookmaker not only in the short team but over the long haul as well. Being a private bookie is both a science and an art at the same time and the ability to learn how to make the right adjustments at the right time will make you a master of both.