Gambling on sports if fun and a great past time and a great hobby

Football fans, are you tired of the off season? Who isn’t? Football is back and better than ever. This year is going to be an epic season in both college and the NFL. If you are a college fan, this is definitely your year. With over 100 games on this week’s schedule, let the party begin.

Who do you like this year? There are some great teams out there and some of the usual’s are better than ever. When thinking of powerhouse football, number one on the list is Alabama! Every single year, love them or hate them, they are always superb. Alabama brings it and this season will be no exception. It’s a guarantee that they will be a championship contender. What about Ohio State or better yet the reigning national champions; Clemson? Clemson has one of the best coaches in all of college football and they will be on top of their game, you can count on them to deliver.

The Washington Huskies…what do they bring? Scoring! The Huskies can score at will on mid-tier teams and their defense is getting better. With Chris Peterson leading the way, they absolutely have a chance to run the table and contend for a championship. Michigan will be very good. Harbaugh has proven that he can back up the talk. Michigan is another team that scores at will. They will embarrass their opponents and Harbaugh never takes his foot off of the gas. Louisville, Auburn, USC, Stanford, there are way too many great teams to list, but wow, what options. Really, how can it get better than this?

No matter who you follow or who you love to bet on, one thing is for sure; it’s going to be exciting and if you play your cards right and do your homework, you can win a ton of money. Gambling on sports if fun and a great past time and a great hobby.

Hobbies cost money, this on no revelation. Anyone who has a hobby and is half way serious about their hobby; knows that there is always a cost involved. If you like fishing, golf, big game hunting, car racing, fixing up old cars or any hobby that you can think of; you’re going to spend money. How much you spend is completely up to you and what you can personally afford.

Take car racing for example. You have a “69” Camaro and have worked on that car for many years. Every weekend you take it to the drag races for fun. Now it’s a fast car, you have it running 10 seconds in the ¼ mile and you beat almost everyone that you line up with but you want to make if faster. You want to make that Camaro a 9 second car! You want a blower! A blower is going to set you back around $4,000. Can you afford it? You already spend a lot every weekend and your car is really nice without a blower. If you can afford it, then great, buy it. How you choose to fund your hobby is your business and a sports gambling hobby is no exception.

Something to remember~

Have a budget, have fun and enjoy your hobby. You work hard for a living. There is no good reason to not enjoy life. Check out Americas Bookie for all of your online sports betting needs. These guys are the real deal. They are honest, they pay out super-fast and easy, they offer convenient deposit options, great bonuses that won’t drown you in rollover, above average customer service, and great free contests. Check them out and have fun this year.